NYS Licensed Massage Therapist


Discern solutions for her clients through coordinated, rhythmic flow and intentional movement techniques

Maggie is a conscientious and open-minded individual with excellent people skills and an outstanding communication ability. With respectful and intuitive listening, Maggie can discern solutions for her clients through coordinated, rhythmic flow and intentional movement techniques. Using Swedish circulation massage, along with deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and therapeutic stretching, a session with Maggie promotes deep relaxation as well as an understanding of one’s own body mechanics.

Having graduated from the New York Institute of Massage with over 1,100 hours of education, Maggie is excited to immerse herself in the world of massage therapy as a New York State licensed professional.

Inside of the belief that personal growth and continuing education are crucial practices, Maggie intends to further her education by focusing on lymphatic drainage massage as well as pregnancy massage and postpartum support.


Live and move with intention! Be well and enjoy your life.

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Our mission is to provide result-driven holistic healing for individuals who are in pain through a science-based and clinical approach


Many times, our clients speak, and no one listens. They are given prescriptions and quick fixes. We here at BHC are compassionate listeners who deliver a custom approach to your ailments.


We aim to contribute to bettering humanity. From our care and compassion, we believe that we are change makers and create life-changing results for our clients.


We aim to be the catalyst for change by educating and healing in a holistic and scientific evidence-based approach.