Buffalo Holistic Center

Specials with Sam

Through November 15th our newest esthetician and health coach is offering specials as a thank you. If you want to learn more about Samantha, head over to her profile. Click here. 


Gua Sha Immune Facial

Sam offers this facial treatment for more internal health and emotional release needs – a calm, restful way to release internal health stressors of both an emotional root, bringing the immune system and nervous system unity and communication- a full body reset and recharge. Methods of treatment during your facial may vary per your immediate needs the day of your treatment – expect a balanced flow of Gua Sha, herbal skin care, facial reflexology, and health coaching.

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Organic Facial with Reflexology and Health Coaching

Samantha addresses skin and health stressors internally with clients through facial reflexology during treatments, in addition to using a raw & organic herbal product for your optimal skin and immune health treatment.

Samantha will offer health coaching during your session to educate and guide you through holistic options for attaining your skin health goals.
Save $25 when you use the code SAM25.

Brazilian or Bikini Sugaring

Samantha uses an organic cold sugaring paste for body and facial hair removal – sugaring is an ancient hair removal method often seen in Egyptian culture. This removal is a more gentle-to-skin approach, working with the grain of the hair follicle to remove undesirable body/facial hair.
This method favors more sensitive skin types – especially those prone to rashing, eczema, and ingrown due to waxing or shaving.

The Bikini Sugaring is a partial pubic hair removal treatment, vs. the Brazilian, which is full hair removal.

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Full Face Sugaring Treatment

This includes the brow, lip, cheeks, sideburns, and under the jaw. After sugaring, Samantha will cleanse and moisturize, as well as Gua Sha, the skin in hopes of leaving you with calm, smooth, and glowing skin post-sugaring treatment.

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