5 Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

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What makes a Deep Tissue Massage different than other massages? It comes down to a more precise approach to target areas within deeper connective tissue and muscle attachment points to be released for a better range of motion and decreased pain.

Now that you know what deep tissue massage is, next is why do you need one!

5 Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage.

Relieve Stress:

When your body is at a high level of stress, it can produce an excess amount of cortisol. Deep Tissue Massages have been shown to help lower your cortisol levels and help increase hormones (such as serotonin and oxytocin) that will positively help your overall mood.

Rehabilitation of muscles:

The use of slow and deep massage strokes are used to target the inner layers of your muscle. It is essential to break up scar tissue that usually forms around injuries. The utilization of this technique helps not only reduce the tension in your muscles and tissues; it also helps work out the knots, overworked muscles, and connective tissue. This act helps increase your blood flow, helping to reduce inflammation. Also, eliminating knots from your tissue will lead to improved blood circulation, which promotes better drainage of waste throughout your lymph system.

Injury Prevention:

We ask a lot of our muscles. Injuries tend to happen from overusing, improper use of, or fatigue of the muscles. Deep Tissue Massage helps restore flexibility and helps increase blood flow. Blood flow to the muscles delivers oxygen and nutrients. With increased flexibility and blood flow throughout your muscles, they will move easier, not be as still and help reduce your risk for muscle-related injuries.

Pain Reduction:

You’ll often feel pain in your lower back, only to find out, it’s not your lower back that is the root cause of pain. Massage therapists can uncover where the root cause of pain is and help alleviate the cause, reducing pain in other areas of your body.

Improve Sleep:

Two main causes of restlessness at night are anxiety and pain. Deep Tissue Massage can help alleviate both of these. We went over how massage helps reduce pain by finding the root cause and working out the knots and tension. But massage also has been shown to increase serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a hormone that impacts your entire body. This hormone allows your brain cells and your nervous system to communicate and is the key hormone that stabilizes your mood and makes you feel happy.

Schedule your Deep Tissue Massage today and feel these benefits for yourself!