Improve Your Health! How a Sun Box Light Helps.

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Did you know that Light Therapy can help shift your circadian (wake/sleep) cycle? Sitting under our Sun Box Light Therapy helps release and suppress serotonin at different parts of the circadian cycle, which leads to improved sleep and helps lift your mood.

Here are four reasons Sun Box Light Therapy can be beneficial for you.

Helps Boost Productivity:

Lighting inside an office can harm your productivity! The sunrise and sunset regulate our internal body clock. When you stay in a dimly lit space or don’t have access to natural window light, this can cause you to become sleepy and sluggish. Sitting under our Sun Box for just 30 minutes can help reset that body’s clock and make for a more productive day. 

Sleep Better!

Who doesn’t need to sleep better?! The Circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. Did you know that this rhythm trains your body on when it should be awake and sleeping? By introducing a Sun Box at the right time of day can push your circadian rhythm back on track.

Helps Relieve Cabin Fever!

Who’s with me on this one! The past 18+ months have been a bit out of the ordinary; we are spending a lot more time inside than outside. When you are stuck inside, not getting sun, and as colder temperatures are upon us, we start experiencing SAD (Seasonal Affective Discorder). This makes us feel a little cranky, restless, and even depressed. Sunlight has been shown to release serotonin and endorphins, which almost instantly brighten your mood! Just 30 minutes in front of a Sun Box simulates natural sunlight and lifts your mood!

Healthy Metabolism

Did you know exposing your body to sunlight can kick-start your metabolism? We talked about the circadian rhythm; the same goes for this one! Metabolism is the process of converting your food into the energy you need throughout the day. Sun Box Light Therapy, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can keep your metabolism functioning properly. 


As we transition into fall, this is a great time to explore the benefits of Sun Box Light Therapy as our time in the sun begins to dwindle. 

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