Top 5 Benefits of Adding Cupping to your Next Massage

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You may have seen pictures online or seen people around the gym with red circles around their backs, shoulders, arms or legs. Those red circles are a tell-tale sign that they are benefiting from cupping. Cupping can help all levels of athletes and many others with chronic muscle soreness. 

You can date cupping back as far as 1500 BC. It became more commonly used in Western medicine during the 18th and 19th centuries. The cupping process helps bring stagnant blood that is not moving up to the surface and allows healthy oxygenated blood to flow where it was stagnant. Any marking from the cupping is stagnant blood that will then reoxygenate and recirculate through the body. Cupping helps relieve adhesions and can take days to weeks for marking to completely disappear. 

Why is cupping becoming more and more popular? See for yourself; below are five benefits of adding cupping to your next massage.

Improves Circulation:

Our massage therapists place the cups where you need increased circulation. The suction from the cups helps additional blood flow to that area. The increased blood circulation helps relieve tension in the muscles and promotes cell repair. Another benefit to the increased circulation is it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Clear Congestion

A surprising benefit of cupping is the ability to help clear congestion in your lungs. When cups are placed on your back, the suction helps break up the fluid building in your lungs. This helps bring oxygen-rich blood towards your lungs. By gently moving them in an upward motion, it helps facilitate the movement of the lymph fluid. 

Reduces Anxiety

As your massage therapist moves the cups across your body, this engages your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system that not only assists in your digestion but is responsible for slowing your heart rate and increasing your intestinal and gland activity. The act of cupping promotes your entire body to go into a deep relaxation state. 

Relieves Tension

During a typical massage, pressure is applied in a downward motion. Through cupping, your skin, tissue, and muscles are pulled upwards. This type of muscle manipulation is very relaxing and helps relieve muscle tension throughout your entire body. 

Reduces Inflammation

Cupping can help benefit areas of the body that have less fat. If you are feeling pain and inflammation in your back and shoulders, using cupping therapy can help manipulate the blood flow into these areas releasing trigger points and helping flush out that built-up inflammation. 

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