What is a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage?

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Himalayan Salt Stones come from the Primal Sea, where all life originated. They provide added benefits compared to traditional hot stone massage using basalt stones. The salt from the Himalayan Salt Stone brings down inflammation in the system. These stones help improve sleep, balance the nervous system, and promote a sense of overall well-being.

There are around 84 different trace minerals found in the Himalayan stones that benefit your body. When the stones are warmed and utilized during the massage with some gentle pressure, the minerals are absorbed into the skin.

Cleaning our rooms and tools is of the utmost importance. Though all the sones are sanitized after every session, Himalayan Salt Stones can give another layer of protection. Given the nature of salt stones and the high level of iodine in them, they have a natural antimicrobial property.

 Why should you try Himalayan Salt Stones at your next massage?

  • They provide all the benefits of the transitional hot stone massage and more.
  • Absorption of trace minerals into your skin.
  • Provide a consistent level of heat throughout your massage.
  • With the emission of negative ions as it heats, they naturally ionize the air in the room, delivering a myriad of health benefits
  • Exfoliates your skin lightly
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar and helps lowers blood pressure
  • Can help relieve insomnia and anxiety